Tattoo Equipments You Need To Start Tattoo Studio in 2023

Tattoo Equipment For Tattoo Artists in 2023

People have always been in love with tattoos. Tattooing is a unique form of art. It’s a great way of expression, it can make one’s body a beautiful piece of art. It is a great way to enhance body features

Tattoos have been around for a long with us. However, its popularity has reached new heights in recent years. It is now practised almost everywhere. Popular celebrities are in love with this art form.

In addition, if you have a plan to set up a tattoo studio, you are at the right place. The tattoo studio owner must have tattoo supplies that are the best and tattoo equipment to attract their customers. This blog will provide information on the required tattoo equipment, tools and supplies for a tattoo studio.

Equipment Description
Tattoo Machines Invest in reliable and high-quality coil and rotary tattoo machines suitable for various techniques.
Power Supply Obtain a stable and adjustable power supply with foot pedals and clip cords for controlling voltage.
Tattoo Needles Stock up on sterile, single-use tattoo needles in different configurations, sizes, and groupings.
Tattoo Inks Purchase a wide range of high-quality tattoo inks from reputable brands in various colors and shades.
Tattoo Grips and Tubes Invest in ergonomic tattoo grips and tubes for a comfortable and secure grip during the tattooing process.
Sterilization Equipment Acquire an autoclave or sterilization machine to sterilize reusable equipment like grips and tubes.
Disposable Supplies Have an adequate supply of disposable items like gloves, razors, ink cups, plastic wrap, and barrier films for hygiene.
Tattoo Furniture Provide comfortable and adjustable tattoo chairs or beds for clients’ comfort during the tattooing process.
Tattoo Aftercare Products Offer a range of tattoo aftercare products such as ointments, creams, or lotions to promote healing and protect the tattooed area.
Workstation Set up a sturdy and ergonomic workstation for the artist to ensure optimal workflow and comfort.

Tattoo Supplies and Equipments For Tattoo Studio

1. Chair and Bed

At first, you will need a special chair and a bed for your customers. To make your customers feel comfortable, the bed and chair is often padded. The client should feel comfortable during the process of tattooing to relieve the pain.

The tattoo bed is usually a sturdy bed with six legs and should have a good load capacity of about 500kgs. They should have a headrest section, higher than the foot section.

A tattoo chair is a compact and specialized medical chair having different sections. It is used to adjust the upper part of the body of your customer for a comfortable posture and easy work procedure. Now the chairs come up with a soft hole in the headrest portion for face tattoos.

Artist Hand and Inkbed are a few popular names for tattoo chairs and beds.

2. Sanitary Essentials

Customer safety should be the first priority. This means you should always use sterilized and disposable products for ensuring the safety of your customers.

The basic sterilization equipment list should include the following;

  • Autoclave tattoo sanitiser
  • Autoclave trays and cassettes for instruments
  • Cover sheets for chair and headrest
  • A special container for waste disposal
  • Disposable razors
  • Trays to hold and store needles
  • Tubes and tips cleaning set
  • Latex gloves
  • Vaseline

The most important chemical that a tattoo studio must have is an effective sterile ointment to prevent any chance of blood contamination. You cannot skip these items if you promise safety to your clients.
You should also carry enough cotton bandages, hospital tape, effective cleaning solutions and alcohol for the cleaning process.

For any sensitive skin, you should have the tattoo numbing cream. Zensa, Ebanel, and Uber numbing creams are a few names on the list of best tattoo numbing creams.

3. The Tattoo Machine

Staring at a tattoo studio can be expensive but as an artist, you cannot compromise with the quality of services you are providing to your customers. A proper investment in a tattoo Machine can work for a long run. The two most common choices available for tattoo machines are the coil one and the rotatory machine. First, weigh all the features before buy one.

The rotary machine is a gentler one and causes less damage to the skin. It can be a good option in the list of tattoo supplies for beginners. One of the goof features of this machine is, it provides enough filling and smooth needle movement. However, you will face problems to achieve proper shading and complicated lines to make with this machine.

To get much smoother lines and better tattoo shading, you can go with a coil machine. They are more modified and advanced and provide good control over needles. Now carefully assess all the pros and cons before choosing the right tattoo machine for your tattoo studio. FK IRONS SPECKTRA EDGE X is a popular name here.

4. The Tattoo Ink

Tattoo ink is chemical pigments in a carrier solution, consisting of alkali metals and it gives the tattoo its unique colour. The harmful chemical ingredients of the carrier are anticoagulants, methanol, and formaldehyde. Therefore, the most important thing is never ever to buy low-quality tattoo ink, as it may contain chemicals that can cause dangerous complications to your customer’s body. Thus, when it comes to the quality of ink, just go for reputed brands.

There are many options when it comes to tattoo designs, from the detailing of the image to the ink colour used. Among all colours, the White ink tattoo has recently gained popularity. White tattoo ink is different from traditional black tattoo ink. White ink tattoo is more delicate and gives a 3-D effect.

Black skin people are attracted to white ink tattoos as the color pops on their skin and enhances their features. White ink tattoo on black skin has the disadvantage of fading the color. The white color may also turn yellow.

5. Tattoo Needles

Tattoo needles help in making the outline for a tattoo. Needles will pierce the epidermis layer of skin. This allows the ink to penetrate deep into the lower layers of skin.

Tattoo needles should be selected based upon the type of tattoo Machine used. Popular types such as RL needle, RS needle, needle M1 and M2 are the best tattoo needles in 2021. Single needle is used in precise work but clusters of needle are required for shading purposes.

One important step after using needles is cleaning and disinfecting tattoo needles. This is done by using an autoclave tattoo sterilizer. Autoclaves work on the combination of both temperature and pressure. It kills all kinds of harmful agents. The procedure of using it is also quite easy. Just put the equipment in an autoclave sterilizer and turn it on.

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6. Skin Sterilizer

Pricking the needle every time on the skin means, the Tattoo skin is wounded and has more chances of skin to get affected by infection. So it is important to keep a skin sterilizer at your studio.

There are some antiseptic drugs available such as Betadine and Providone that can be used both to heal wounds and prevent any serious infection.

7. Tattoo Stencil and Tattoo

A tattoo artist must have a variety of stencils. Without great options of stencils for your customers, this studio will be pointless. Always come up with the latest stencil and tattoo designs for your customers to attract them for your work.

You can also go with a tattoo scanner that will capture and transfer physical images from texts, and documents. A tattoo scanner is mostly equipped with a lot of software. So that you can change the size and color of the image.

Machines are great and help in providing quality work. Therefore, investment in this part would be great.

8. Container for Medical Waste

A container for collecting medical waste is a crucial part of tattoo supplies. Every time you used a single disposable needle for your client, this needle with blood is most contagious.

Thus, you need to dispose of them properly. Along with this, used cotton, scissors, and gauze are also harmful. They should be sealed and sent to disposable centres for further treatment before dumping them to the environment. Therefore, this part had to be done carefully to avoid any chances of spreading the infection to other people.

9. Lighting System for Studio

A proper lighting system should be present in your studio. Without a proper light, you cannot do anything. You can use standing lamps along with high-powered bulbs that will help to focus you properly while working. A lamp should be selected based on its adjustment capacity, so that you can adjust its height and direction according to your need.

You can go with the white light, so that you can see the true color of the tattoo ink and draw the lines more precisely. You can go with the magnifying lamps for greater magnification during detailing work.

10. Tattoo Chairs for Tattoo Artists

Along with your customers, you should invest in your comfort too. Tattoo artists have to work for long hours, as tattooing needs your time. Therefore, you should also have a chair that gives you a good and comfortable posture while working for long hours. Hydraulic chair are good option in this case.

11. Tattoo Kits

If you are just a beginner in this field, you can grow your tattoo studio with the basic equipment. Opening a tattoo studio means a lot investment for costly equipment. Here, a good opinion for you is starter tattoo kits. For tattooing jobs, you need a tattoo machine, tattoo ink, needles, and a Tattoo power supply, which are only basics.

Other requirements are stencils, Vaseline, and razors, amongst others.
Putting all essentials together in a handy and functional way could be tough. However, these starter tattoo kit makes the work easy. These tattoo kits are expertly equipped by top companies, making it as good option for people with a lack of experience. It is also cost-effective.


A tattoo artist should be fully prepared with a wide range of equipment and tools for the process of tattooing. A good investment in equipment is necessary for an attractive studio setup. Moreover, if you are new in this industry, there are lists of tattoo books for beginners. You can seek guidance on the best design, and tools needed for your tattoo studio.

Quality is the most important thing in any sort of business. You need to assure your customers that you can provide them with quality service. You need quality tools to handle unexpected situations as well as to create a pleasing experience in tattooing for your customers.


What are the essential tattoo machines required for a tattoo studio?

To start a tattoo studio, you’ll need reliable and high-quality tattoo machines. These include both coil machines and rotary machines. Having a variety of machines suitable for different tattooing techniques and styles is recommended.

What type of power supply should I consider for my tattoo machines?

It is important to invest in a stable and adjustable power supply for your tattoo machines. Look for a power supply that offers consistent voltage, and features like foot pedals and clip cords, which allow you to control the power flow conveniently.

What types of tattoo needles should I have in my studio?

It’s crucial to stock up on a variety of tattoo needles with different configurations, sizes, and groupings. This will enable you to cater to various tattoo designs and techniques. Ensure that you use sterile and single-use needles for each client to maintain hygiene.

Which tattoo inks should I purchase for my studio?

When choosing tattoo inks, opt for a wide range of high-quality inks from reputable brands. Consider different colors and shades to accommodate various tattoo designs and client preferences.

What are tattoo grips and tubes, and why are they important?

Tattoo grips and tubes are essential for a comfortable and secure grip while tattooing. Invest in ergonomic grips and tubes that provide a stable hold and enable precise control during the tattooing process.

How can I maintain proper hygiene in my tattoo studio?

Maintaining a sterile environment is crucial. Invest in an autoclave or sterilization machine to sterilize reusable equipment like grips, tubes, and stainless steel tips. Additionally, stock up on disposable supplies such as gloves, razors, ink cups, plastic wrap, and barrier films to prevent cross-contamination.

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