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What is the meaning of tattoo piercing?

Tattoos and piercings collectively come under Body Art, which refers to the decorations or ornamentations done on the body with the help of needles and colour pigments.
In piercing, a hole is made using a sharp pointing needle and ornamented with different kinds of jewellery as per the customer’s choice. A piercing may also represent some kind of religious belief, like the one on earlobes and nose.

A tattoo may be a temporary or permanent design made on the top layer of your skin with colouring pigments inserted with the help of pricks.
Both types of body art have been famous since ancient times. Some piercings and tattoos are made per religious beliefs, which have continued for centuries.

Can you get a piercing on a tattoo?

Many famous designs show the amalgamation of these two body arts. It is totally viable to get a piercing on a tattoo; it enhances the beauty and elegance of the tattoo. You can also have a piercing on your tattoo on the same day. There are a few things that you should keep in mind while opting for having both the arts:

  • Get your booking done from a store that is well acquainted in both fields.
  • Check for your health and be prepared to endure much pain to have both on the same day.
  • Check for the design you want and contact the artist to discuss your selected design before getting it.
  • Ultimately, all that matters to get both things done is your level of excitement and your motivation behind doing this.
  • Moreover, get ready for some amount of irritation in the coming few days from the day of piercings. Since it’s quite common to have some amount of minor pain as well as irritations in the pierced part.

How painful is tattoo piercing?

Well, the answer to this question changes from one person to another, and finally, it depends on your threshold for pain. Some people may find it really painful, while some may have it done more easily and comfortably. Along with your endurance, it depends on a few other factors, as mentioned in the table.

It takes a couple of days to recover your piercing part to normal. Moreover, it also depends upon your body’s ability to recover from that pain. Thus, make yourself prepare to feel minor pain from 1 or days to even months. The pain will be temporary, but the tattoo and piercing will be permanent. During piercing, do not worry about the small bleeding. It is obvious in such cases. It may also lead to irritating days from that point in time. But not for long; It is only for some days. Afterwards, everything would get back to normal.

Size of tattoo/piercing A large tattoo/piercing will hurt more than a small one as it takes longer to make.
Detailing If the selected design is complicated and requires more detailing, it will cause a lot more pain.
Body part Some areas of your body will hurt less, while sensitive areas will hurt much more.
Age As you grow older, your skin becomes harder and piercing through hard skin will be much more painful.

All these factors do not matter in the end if you are keen to get a tattoo or a piercing.

What are tattoos and piercings called?

The collective name for tattoos and piercings is “Body Art” or “Body Piercing”. The name simply defines itself as it refers to a design or decoration made on your body to depict something.
A tattoo or piercing may depict many things. Some designs may depict power, some may depict love, some may depict peace, and many things and qualities can be depicted through body art; it depends on your choice.


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What are the riskiest piercings?

According to experts, there are many dangerous piercings, and some of the most harmful piercings are listed below.

Tongue piercings Mostly, the angle of the piercing goes wrong; it causes damage to the structure of your mouth and may affect your speech and eating habits.
Gun piercings There are inevitable pieces of evidence that have shown the damage caused to tissues because of gun piercing. It can cause blunt-force trauma and significant harm to body tissues.
Mandibular Piercing This piercing goes through the bottom of the mouth and the bottom of the chin. There are a number of important Nerves and Veins which can get damaged and cause internal bleeding.
Achilles piercing This piercing is done between the Achilles tendon and the leg and ankle bones. This may affect your ability to walk and may cause infection.
Dermal punches A dermal punch cuts out a round section of tissue. This can cause long-lasting damage to your cartilage.

On which parts of your body can you have piercings?

It becomes an exciting task to decide on which part you can have pie
The most common parts to get a piercing done are earlobes, eyebrows, chin, nose and the belly button. Oral piercings can also be done, which include lips, cheeks, and tongue. It is advisable for one to examine the risks involved with these piercings before getting them done.

A list of body parts that can be pierced includes:

  • Parts of the nose such as nostrils or septum.
  • Parts of ears such as conch, earlobes etc.
  • Tongue.
  • Cheek.
  • Lips.
  • Navel.
  • Eyebrows.

Piercings on the nose and earlobes are considered part of religious beliefs. You can have multiple piercings on the same body part like you can have many piercings on your ear, and the same goes for your eyebrows. Also, there are different types of piercings available that you can go for. You can also opt for different styles of ornaments for different body parts.

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Advantages and disadvantages of piercing on tattoo



Tattoos and piercings are considered a positive point in fashion industries as these industries demand imagination and creativity in body art. There are some workplaces where tattoos and piercings are not accepted. For example, one cannot join Indian Army if they have any kind of piercing or tattoo on their body.
It is a way of promoting art, as tattoos and piercings are body art. It may portray a wrong image in front of others as they are still considered taboo in some regions.
A huge surge in this industry has been seen for those who have opted for it as their profession. It has become a way of earning fame and money today. So, it becomes a great profession for an artist who wants to pursue this as their career. Tattoo brings disrespect to a few at workplaces. Age matters a lot in every field. The age at which the tattoo was made and the age at which they are doing work are different and may cause disrespect and unacceptance.


It has been proven as a way of promoting religious beliefs, as many designs have their own religious significance. Tattoos and piercings may cause harm to your body due to many factors, including using the wrong angle while piercing and tissue damage.
Tattoos and piercings are used to depict emotions and feelings as they may depict power, love, peace, truthfulness and many more qualities that a person desires to portray. You cannot donate your blood after having a tattoo as the colour pigments intoxicate your blood, and it becomes harmful for the person who lacks the minimum blood requirement criteria.

Tattoos and piercings have become a major trend nowadays. Mostly everyone aspires to have at least one tattoo or piercing in their life. They are acceptable if they are made while considering the dangers attached to them and working on ways to avoid those threats.
Lastly, it is suggested that if you feel comfortable having tattoos and piercing, you can go for it. Moreover, choosing an experienced tattoo artist is also important as it reduces the risk of side effects on your body. Afterwards, proper care needs to be taken for the affected area to reduce scarring and any other kind of infection risks.
Thus, before proceeding to the decision, take proper concern with the tattoo artist about all its side effects and make sure to know whether your body suit for these piercings or not by asking tattoo artist.


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