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Tattoo Removal Process : Everything You Need to Know | Can I Remove A Permenant Tattoo?

Tattoo removal process

Tattoo Removal Process

Tattoo removal refers to the process of removing unwanted Tattoos. It is generally true that tattoo removal can sometimes be more painful than getting a tattoo. The tattoos generally create a permanent mark on the skin but there are a few ways that you may try to get your tattoo removed.  The cost and removal of a tattoo depends on the process you opt for this purpose and this also decides the amount of pain that you have to endure for destroying the tattoo.

Tattoo removal generally works but some tattoos take more time and may cause more pain to remove than that caused by others. Older tattoos are easier to remove than the newer ones. Larger and more colorful tattoos are usually hard to remove than smaller and unicolor tattoos. And some colors (the ones given below) are easier to remove than others:

If you have some kind of skin condition like eczema or any other disease that may affect your skin like herpes, then tattoo removal may be difficult. But this does not mean that your tattoo cannot be removed, it will just take more time and visits to remove them.

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Let us see different processes for Tattoo removal:

Permanent Tattoo Removal Techniques

You need to know that no process guarantees the complete removal of a permanent tattoo. Sometimes you may get a partially faded tattoo or a scar for a lifetime. Also, the tattoo removal process is a time-consuming one, it may take 4-6 weeks to remove the tattoo completely. It differs from person to person and the size and color of the tattoo. It’s important to research before going further for tattoo removal. Here is the description of the processes for tattoo removal:

1. Laser tattoo removal

This process is the safest and most reliable for permanent tattoo removal. People prefer this technique over other techniques. A high-intensity light is used to remove the tattoo by breaking up the color pigments of the ink used. Black-colored tattoos are easiest to remove because black color absorbs the high-intensity light completely. Depending on the color of the ink used, the light to be used is selected and then the tattoo is removed. Specific lasers are needed to destroy the tattoos of different color pigments. There are two types of lasers that can be used to remove tattoos through this method:

This is the single most effective and most efficient way of removing tattoos of all colors. An active Q-switched (AQS) laser is used in this process. It requires multiple sittings and if done properly, this heals in 6-12 months. There are three types of Active Q-switch lasers used in this process – Nd: YAG, Ruby, and Alexandrite. Each targets a different range of color spectrum. In most cases, more than one Q-switch laser is used for tattoo removal treatment.

This is a cheaper way of getting rid of your permanent tattoo and it does not guarantee the complete removal of the tattoo. IT generally leaves a fade mark of the tattoo on the skin.

2. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

In this process, the top layer of the skin, the epidermis is removed using a broad-spectrum light. The pigments of the tattoo are broken down into smaller components and these are then absorbed by the bloodstream and taken away from the site. Skin regeneration heals the affected area. This technique is suitable for large tattoos.

3. Cryosurgery

This is a process used for the treatment of skin cancer but is also used to remove cancers. In this process, the tattoo is exposed to an extremely low temperature by spraying a freezing agent, liquid nitrogen mostly. Then the top layer of this area is removed using dermabrasion. This is done under general anaesthesia as it is an extremely painful process. This method is least effective if the tattoos are of yellow or green color. This is not recommended for people with sensitive skin as it may also affect skin tissue. It is cheaper than laser surgery but is not that effective.

4. Dermabrasion

In this process, the skin of the tattooed area is abraded using a high-speed brush or wheel. The area is numbed by general anaesthesia and then this process is done. This process also requires multiple sessions for treatment. It includes a high risk of infection and can leave scars as well.

Top 10 Laser Tattoo Removal Machines

Temporary Tattoo Removal Processes

There are multiple advantages of a temporary tattoo, it’s a way to try out the look of a tattoo and experience it without getting into the real thing.  Although, the removal of temporary tattoos is painful but less painful than the removal of permanent tattoos. Let us look forward to a few easy processes to remove temporary tattoos:

1. Using Chemical Products

A number of household products provide the correct chemicals required for the removal of temporary tattoos. The best product to use for tattoo removal is rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover on the tattoo. Take a clean cloth, dip it in nail polish remover, and move it light-handedly in circular motions for about 30 seconds at a time. Keep an eye on the tattoo and remove it as soon as it is removed from the skin.

2. Oil-based Removers

This is an extremely common method to remove temporary tattoos. You can use baby oil or coconut oil to easily remove the tattoo. Apply the oil on the tattooed area and rub that area in circular motions until the tattoo is completely removed.

3. Household Tape

Household tape can also be used to remove tattoos. This method turns out to be an efficient choice if the tattoo is newly made. You can use medical or packing tape, press it firmly on the tattooed area and peel the tape off. Repeat this process a few times and the tattoo design will eventually be removed.

4. Cold Cream

Even cold cream turns out to be a good solution to remove permanent tattoos. Cold cream is an oil-based product and that’s why it is effective. Spread the cold cream over the temporary tattoo and let it settle. Cover the design completely with the cream and wait for at least one hour. Once the hour is complete and the cream is absorbed by the skin, gently wipe away the excess cream with a wet clean cloth or rinse away the tattoo under running water.


Cost of Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal can be a costly process, one tries to maintain their budget along with getting the tattoo removed using the most efficient process. The price for tattoo removal depends on various factors like the size of the tattoo, its color, the skin type of the person, etc. The estimated and average price of permanent tattoo removal goes from 10,000 Rs. To 37,500 Rs. The cost of tattoo removal depends on various factors as given below:

Before getting your tattoo removed, you should analyze the above factors so as to get your removal done in an effective and budget-friendly manner.

For removing a square inch of tattoo pigment up to the first 4 1/2 square inches around 5000 Rs. are spent per treatment. Tattoos between 5 to 10 square inches cost flat 30,000 Rs. per treatment. Half sleeves tattoos typically cost around 20,000 to 40,000 Rs. per treatment. For laser surgery, the cost estimates are as follows:

Square inches XS










Estimated size of the tattoo Postage stamp or smaller Business card  



Two hands

Half sleeves, full sleeves, and more
The average cost for removal $60 – $110 $110 – $220 Rs. $220- $350 $350-$450 $450- $650

Now, let us move forward to know the prices of tattoo removal machines in India.

Cost of Tattoo Removal Machines

1. Picosecond Q-Switched Nd:Yag Laser

This machine is used to remove tattoos through laser treatment and it costs around 15 Lakh Rs. in India. It has a TFT color touch screen and works with an adjustable frequency of 1-10 Hz. It supplies power of around 2000 Watts. It uses ultra-short pulses to hit the melanin with tremendous pressure such that it shatters into tiny dust particles. It is an 80 KG machine which comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. Cosderma IPL Tattoo Removal Machine

This machine works on the principle of an intense pulsed laser which has three working systems and the Nd: Yag working system is used for tattoo removal. It costs around 1.6 Lakh Rs.

3. Q-Switch Nd: Yag Tattoo Removal Machine

It is a machine used by professionals to remove tattoos. Its price ranges up to 2.5 Lakh Rs. It weighs around 15 KGs and comes with a 6-month warranty. It supplies an input power of 500 Watts.


Tattoo removal can be an expensive and painful process but you have to study and analyze various processes used for tattoo removal and chose the best process for this to make it budget-friendly and less painful.

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