What Tattoo Supplies do I Need to Start Tattooing?

Tattoo Supply List

A tattoo supply kit normally contains the tools and supplies required for a tattoo artist to complete their work. A tattoo supply kit may contain the following items:

  • Workstation Supplies

This category of materials, as the name says, covers all necessary tools for the actual job of tattooing. Tattoo needles, gloves, skin markers, stencil paper & solution, light boxes, disposable razors, tattoo trays, thermal printers, machine covers, and aftercare products are among the items available. Hydraulic chairs, sharps containers, cover sheets, sterile ointment, suitable lighting, an organizational chart, an adjustable tattoo chair, and a magnifying lamp are among the other items.

Now we will discuss some of these inventory list items one by one:

  • Tattoo Needles

No tattoo shop inventory list will be complete without tattoo needles.

Tattoo needles

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  • Gloves

Nitrile and latex gloves are the best options for tattoo shops. A pack or many packs are required and should never be permitted to run empty.

tattoo gloves


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  • Skin Markers for temporary tattoos

Skin markers serve is basically used to trace out designs on the skin in order to promote accuracy and precision. As other supplies that are listed, this is much more important for practical tattoo jobs.


Skin markers for tattoo

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  • Stencil Paper & Solution for tattooing printer

Tattooing has witnessed considerable advancements in recent years. This has resulted in the development of materials such as stencil paper and solutions to assist artists in drawing plans by hand and creating copies for use in thermal printers for subsequent transfer to client skin.

tattoo printer


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  • Thermal Printers

Thermal printers are useful for tattoo jobs. This item of equipment must be included in your inventory. Designs can be created on a tablet or on paper before being transferred to the skin. The thermal printer facilitates the transfer process.

  • Light Boxes

The lightbox is another tool that should be in your tattoo shop inventory. This makes tattoo tracing, design tweaking, and transfer more convenient and stress-free.

  • Disposable razors for tattooing

Disposable razors help fine hairs on the targeted area meant for a tattoo before the commencement of the procedure. It would help if you had these among your supplies to make the process easier.

  • Tattoo Trays

Because needles are widely used for tattoo jobs, having a tray around helps better organize your workstation. It also allows for better focus on the job with little interruptions.

tattoo trays

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  • Thermal Printers

Thermal printers come in handy for tattoo jobs. You’ll need to have this piece of equipment included in your inventory. Before designs are transferred onto the skin, they may be designed on a tablet or paper. With the thermal printer, the transfer process is made with ease.

thermal printers


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  • Machine Covers

Equipment coverings are intended to act as barriers between airborne contaminants and your equipment. These are clearly necessary and must be included in your tattoo shop inventory list.

  • Aftercare Products

Aftercare solutions, for example, are required to achieve the best potential outcome for tattoo jobs. These are presented to clients after the surgery is finished.

  • Hydraulic Chair

Tattooing operations may take a little longer. This is especially true for difficult jobs. Physical comfort is critical at this time.


hydrawulic chair in cheap price

  • Sharps Containers

Your tattoo shop needs to follow or adhere to all kinds of safety while making tatoo. Because many sharp objects are used, you’ll need a sharps container to dispose of used needles and other sharp objects.

  • Cover Sheets

 Cover sheets serve to keep furniture from contamination during tattooing These single-use sterile barriers must be added to your tattoo shop inventory for more efficient and safe procedures.

  • Sterile Ointment

 The process of tattooing requires skin moisturising to help get anticipated results. It also serves to aid with ink deposition below the skin surface.

  • Appropriate Lighting

A tattoo studio must have proper lighting, as anything less is detrimental to your results. Proper lighting encourages precision.Such lighting should be adjusted in order to allow the artist to complete a thorough job.

  • Tattoo Chair that can be adjusted

Just as you need to be better positioned or maintain the correct posture during tattooing, your client needs to be comfortably seated Such a chair needs to be adjustable to allow your client to position themselves in a way that they’re comfortable.

  • Magnifying Lamp

When it comes to tattooing, attention to detail is essential. The magnifying lamp is one instrument that can aid you with this. This allows you to concentrate on the finer points of the job. Your inventory list must include a magnifying lens.

  • Front-of-Shop Supplies

Inventory goods in this category help with business administration or management. Barcode scanners, POS systems, reference books, marketing materials, receipt printers, and credit card readers are examples.

  • Back-of-Shop Supplies

Certain supplies are given to aid with the sterilisation of reusable items such as needles, tubing, and the like. Medical-grade disinfectants, autoclaves, and sterilisation bags are among the items in the collections.


This Is how you can become Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Supply list for beginners

If you’re starting up in the tattoo industry, you’re in for a fun ride. You’ll need a lot of creative flairs, a lot of hard graft, and a fair bit of products to get you started. Here’s a comprehensive list of the essential tattoo supplies you need to get started –

  • Tattoo Equipements

If you’re new to the tattoo industry, you’re in for a wild trip. To get started, you’ll need a lot of artistic flare, a lot of hard work, and a lot of items. Here’s a thorough list of the tattoo supplies you’ll need to get started:

  • Tattoo Parts

You will need a power supply (a main unit to power your tattoo machine), as well as a foot switch, spring clip cord, and feeler gauge.

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Tattoo machine To create the design on the skin Buy Now
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Tattoo Surface Disinfectant To clean the work area Buy Now
Tattoo Tube Wrap Medical Tape To secure the needles in the tattoo machine Buy Now
ink cups for tattooing To hold and mix the ink Buy Now
stencil paper for the tattooing printer To transfer the design onto the skin Buy Now
Razor or clipper To prepare the skin for tattooing  
petroleum jelly for tattooing To help the tattoo machine glide smoothly over the skin Buy Now
Tattoo Aftercare products To provide instruction and care for the tattoo after it is completed Buy Now

Medical Supplies and Sterilisation Equipment for Tattoo

It’s imperative you keep your kit and studio immaculate and have ample medical supplies on hand. You will need the following:

  • Cover bag for your machine, and cover sleeve for your headrest
  • Tattoo aftercare antiseptic
  • Surface disinfectant sterilization
  • Tattoo topical antiseptic ointment/cleanser
  • An autoclave bag for storing tattoo equipment after sterilization
  • Alcohol prep pads and rubbing alcohol
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Medical waste container
  • Tattoo autoclave (stericlave)
  • Latex gloves
  • Cleaning brushes for tubes and tips
  • Tattoo machine rack
  • An ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning solution
  • The germicidal solution to keep equipment sterile
  • Vaseline
  • Needle trays
  • Disposable razors
  • Bandages, wraps, and hospital tape
  • Sharp pair of stainless steel medical scissors
  • Tongue depressors
  • Needle supplies

There’s a fair bit of equipment required where needles are concerned. You will obviously need needles (round liners and magnum or flat shaders), but you will also need needle bars, a soldering gun and stainless solder, flat and round tubes, sharp containers for disposal, rubber nipples, rubber bands, grips, and tweezers.
It is essential to consider the design, placement and meaning of a tattoo. Here are a few suggestions for beginners: –

  • Small and simple designs such as hearts, stars, arrows, or initials
  • Floral or nature-inspired tattoos like roses, leaves, or trees
  • Animal tattoos like cats, dogs, or birds
  • Quotes or phrases tattooed in a stylish font
  • Minimalist line tattoos like waves, mountains, or sunsets
  • Pop culture references or symbols like harry potter’s lightning

Tattoo Gun Starter Kit For Beginners 2023

What are the equipments for the Tattoo Shop?

  • The Tattoo Machine (Gun)

When it comes to buying a tattoo machine gun, the market is flooded with unlimited options. Let me know about all kinds of brands . And out of that choose the one that best suits your needs. During this careful look at the brands and respective models; there are two most common options, a coil and a rotary machine. Both are nice pieces of equipment one can have. Understand their pros and cons to make an informed decision.

  • Tips and grips

Tips and grips that function well with the machine are also required. These small attachments are crucial elements of tattoo equipment. Choose ones made of stainless steel because they are easy to clean and will help you design a tattoo precisely.

  • Autoclaves & Ultrasonics

Then there are autoclaves, ultrasonics, and specific cleaning equipment, all of which are essential components of the tattoo kit. Know that it is critical to keep your instruments sterile; else, you may face consequences. If you do not maintain your tattoo instruments hygienically, your license may be revoked.

  • Ink For Tattoos

Tattoo inks are the most crucial component of the tattooing procedure. These inks are used to give tattoos a colorful and bright appearance. Almost all of the standard inks will be required.

  • Faux Skins

To practise tattooing, you will require imitation skins, as the name implies.

  • Needles and attachments

You will need to purchase several needle sizes and attachments, as needles are essential for making a tattoo for the client.

  • The Chair for tattooing

A chair is another essential piece of equipment that you will require in your tattoo shop. You will have to invest in a nice chair. A decent chair is a must-have for your tattoo studio; your customers will expect to be comfortable when they pay for your services. Choose a new generation chair; it contains everything needed in a tattoo studio. Memory foam is used in modern chairs, and they are wrapped in gorgeous silky leather that feels nice and is very easy to clean and disinfect. All of the new-generation chairs are orthopaedic, compact, and unobtrusive. They include built-in motors that allow you to effortlessly adjust the height and recline the chair to the client’s preference. The movements are also swift and stable.

How to start tattooing at home?

When tattooing at home, it is best to utilise artificial skin. When tattooing human skin (even your own), you must work in a sterile environment to ensure that everything is sanitary and that no one is at risk of bloodborne diseases. If your tattoo in an unsanitary environment, you risk gaining a bad reputation in the tattoo community. The rest of the equipment required remains the same.

What Needles Are Needed for Tattooing?

Tattoo needles are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and numbers. Knowing how to read a tattoo needle box and recognize the variations between needles is critical for choosing the needle that is most suited to the tattoo you are about to make. There are usually four sets of characters on the box that serves as a guide for deciding which tattoo needle is best for your design.
There are four factors to consider while choosing needles for a tattoo. Each factor will have an impact on how ink is spread into the skin. They will be listed in the following sequence on the box:


The tattoo needle’s diameter, or gauge, is the measurement of the needle’s thickness at its widest point (the base where the needle begins to sharpen to a point).

Needle Count

The needle count is defined by the number of individual sharps that comprise the entire needle. The larger the tattoo needle, the more sharps are incorporated.


The configuration of a needle explains how the individual needles (sharps) are arranged on the needle bar. This will inform you what kind of needle you have. For instance, whether the shader is a liner, magnum, or round shader.


The taper relates to the length of the pointed portion of the tattoo needle, or how steep the angle of the needle’s point is. The taper of the needle determines its precision as well as how quickly it can pack ink into the skin.



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