Tattoo Ideas for Animal Lovers with their Meaning

Tattoos are one of the best ways to enhance your beauty and express yourself. People choose various tattoo designs best suited to them.

Nowadays people choose to express their personality through animal tattoos. While some avid animal lovers want to show their feelings towards animals through carving animal tattoos.

Some want to represent their tribal community through animal tattoo. Animism has deep roots in many tribal cultures such as native American culture. Some also have a belief that humans and animals are spiritually connected to each other and animals can help to lead a peaceful spiritual life.

Animal tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos that people prefer to carved most frequently. Animal tattoos are also one of the most diverse and provide a wide range of tattoo design options for a tattoo lover. One can choose any animal for tattoo from pet animals to wild animals, different types of birds such as owl which symbolises intelligence, insects such as butterflies depicting beauty, sea animals like a shark representing majesty, reptiles such as snakes referring to immortality.

Each animal has a different meaning, which means it can be confusing finding the one that best suits your personality and truly represents you. Here are some animal tattoo meanings to help you in choosing the best one for you.

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1. Dog Tattoo

Dogs are considered to be one of the best companions and friends of humans. For a dog lover tattoo ideas have a wide range as each breed of dog has its own meaning and what they represent. For example, the breed of Labradors represents pure acceptance, Corgis tattoos symbolize being affectionate, kind and gentle, and faithful to their own people and Great Danes tattoos symbolize being smooth personalities and determined and never let anyone control you.

Dogs are loyal and trustworthy to their owner, brave, protective and obedient. You can celebrate your friendship and love for your pet dog by opting for any dog lover tattoo designs. Some people also go for puppy tattoos. The popularity of dog portrait tattoo among pet lovers is quite high.

2. Cat Tattoo

cat tattoo meaning

Cats represent happiness and love. In ancient Egypt, they are considered as a symbol of motherhood, fertility and rebirth. Most oftenly girls prefer this tattoo. They also represent darkness and magic. In ancient Egypt, cats were seen as their deities. They are also symbols of grace. If you feel your personality is graceful, you can go with a cat tattoo. Dog and cat tattoos are most popular pet love tattoo.

3. Koi Fish Tattoo

fish tattoo meaning

Koi fish are one of the most popular among animal tattoos. They also hold special meaning in Japanese culture. There is a history of koi fish tattoos in traditional Japanese tattooing, where they have some rules. The meaning of koi fish tattoos is persistence. They are used to symbolize the struggles in life and someone overcoming it.The koi fish tattoo meaning is a sign of reminder to have high morale to achieve your goals and aims in life. It is symbolic of endurance , strong will, ambitiousness, and success.

Also, you must understand things to avoid after getting a tattoo which will help in keeping the tattoo fresh and vibrant for a longer period.

4. Elephant Tattoo

elephant tatttoo meaningIn real life, Elephants are considered as strong animals and they have a nurturing nature towards their family. So, an elephant tattoo meaning power, strength and good luck in life. They are also considered important for spiritual wellness. Elephants are considered to be a universal sign of deity, loyalty, good fortune and strength.


5. Goat Tattoo

goat tattoo meaning

The goat was the first domestic animal. Mainly ram is preferred as goat tattoo with intricate details of horn, some being straight, or curled. From its nature of climbing, goat tattoo symbolises ambition. It also means vitality and playfulness. Goat represents both good and wicked sides. It represents inequity, evil and ugliness.

6. Tribal Wolf Tattoo

tribal wolf tatttoo meaning

Native American culture considers wolves of spiritual significance. If you belong to native American, you can pay respect to the culture with a tribal wolf tattoo. This tattoo represents spiritual protection, strength and faith.

Wolves are one of the brainy animals with a great sense of intuition. The sound of a wolf’s howl is one of the most scary sounds during night time. The howl of a wolf is a way of indication to its pack. But The howl of a lone wolf, means dareness and warning to others of capturing and ruling others realm. Wolf tattoo gives you a remembrance to whether you stay solo or riding with the pack.

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7.  Snake Tattoo

snake tattoo meaning

In many histories and cultures, snakes depict fertility and a source of creative force. Snakes shed their skins, which are apt symbols of transformation, healing, immortality. In ancient mythologies of Egypt and greek, the snake is considered as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, fertility.

Snakes are also of significant importance in many religions and ancient cultures beliefs in an evil way. Snake meaning tattoo are viewed as both appealing and one who is the source of destructive and evil forces.

8. Tiger Tattoo

tiger tatttoo meaning

Tigers are wild and fierce animals. They can represent anything from risk and revenge to power and strength. They also symbolise free spirit. A tiger tattoo can represent the ability of a person to manage his strong emotions more efficiently. But there is a diverse history behind the symbolism of tigers.

9. Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoo meaning

Lions represent power and foray. but they also have another side of being jiggish in nature, and they are also quite sluggish sometimes. Lions are the king of the jungle, they have self control over themselves. Lion tattoo symbolises the ability to master emotions and self control.

10. Ape Tattoos

Ape tattoo meaning

Apes are considered to be aggressive and have an image scare. But they also have a different side. They are extremely caring, merciful and display an amazing quality of selflessness, towards other apes of their community and outsiders. Chimps are quite playful and prankish in nature.

In South Asian cultures, apes have a special holistic place. Ape tattoos represent aggressiveness, the majestic apes tattoo symbolises leadership, reverence, loyalty and faith.

11. Deer Tattoo

deer tattoo meaning

In native American culture, deer signifies sensibility, modesty. They are considered as symbols of power.The deer schools to be calm and composed yet determined. For native American Deer tattoo represents the power of peace, sensitivity and healing.

Deer depict long life, gracefulness and grandeur. The deer is a beautiful animal and is a right tattoo design for those who want affirmative meanings. Deer tattoos are compatible for both men and women and, depending on choice, they can also add various elements to the tattoo to enhance it such as skulls or a darker design.

12. Bear Tattoo

bear tattoo meaning

Bear’s tattoo symbolises power and confidence, as well as privacy, coolness and calmness, depending on the way of expression of bear tattoo.They are known to be fiercely protective and loving by nature. Bear tattoos depict motherhood, power and strength. In popular native American and European culture, they are said to be connected with man due to gentle friendship. They are considered to be very loyal followers.

13. Bull Tattoo

bull tattoo meaning

Bulls are known for their good physical strength and power, bulls are considered as saviors and linked with the land, fortune and prosperity. Bull tattoos remind you to be practical in life and be consistent with what you are doing. Bulls are a sign of true fighting spirit and encourage to never lose hope in fights.

14. Horse Tattoo

Horse tattoo meaning

Horses represent a true sense of liberty as they live extravagantly, and are free to move according to their will.In Native American culture, horses symbolises strength and power. They are likely back to merely strength from the wild one. The horses also symbolize another kind of personal power and a free spirit and no one to hold back free spirit.

15. Cheetah Tattoo

Cheetah tattoo meaning

Cheetahs are known for their speed. They are the fastest animal on the planet. Cheetahs are symbols of remaining focused in life, know your aims, stay focused on the prize, and move ahead with a full speed to achieve your goals.

Cheetah is a symbol of power, swiftness, elegance and charm. Cheetah tattoos show a person’s quickness in his thoughts and decision making.


Animals are one of the best creations of nature. And we can share our love for them by inking animal tattoos. It enhances personality and strengthens the bond between you and your favourite animal emotionally and connects spiritually.

Also you can go with either black, coloured or white tattoo ink while getting inked. One can choose the size of a tattoo as small as a dog’s paw and as large as a howling wolf’s face. To make animal tattoos look more alive, people are preferring 3D tattoos, adding some intricate designs and detailing.

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